Making the Change from Public to Religious School

How Online Christian Colleges Save You Money, Simplify Enrollment, & Better Prepare You For Success

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Earning a college degree is a challenging endeavor, but those who complete their studies generally discover that their efforts were not in vain. Additionally, enrolling in an online Christian college can be a great way to accelerate your college education, save money, and glean instruction from some of the top academic minds in the world. Below is an overview of some of the many benefits afforded students at online Christian colleges. Enroll When You Are Able Conventional higher education platforms are based on strict enrollment policies, but the vast majority of online institutions offer year-round enrollment. In other words, students are free to enroll in the courses they would like when their schedules and finances permit. This is a real asset to many online Christian colleges, as a lack of financial wherewithal, and failure to comply to tight enrollment deadlines, are often the reasons individuals delay in continuing their education. Education At A Fraction Of The Cost Traditional four year colleges average around $23,000 per year in tuition costs, and that’s not including the expenses associated with commuting to and from school, or the costs of relocating to the area. In the end, this figure amounts to roughly $1000 per credit, assuming two semesters per year of full-time study, comprised of 12 credits per semester. By comparison, online universities typically charge in the neighborhood of $200-$300 per credit hour. The cost of tuition is substantially lower, but you also need to consider the money you’ll save in other areas. Not only will you be able to save money that would have otherwise been spent on commuting to and from campus, but you also eliminate expenses associated with parking permits, or the occasional parking ticket for those times you’re late to class and unwittingly parked in a prohibited area. You’ll Be Better Prepared For The Future Recent evaluations of online education compared to traditional, live classroom settings have concluded that online colleges may produce more capable, better performing graduates than traditional brick and mortar universities.  In knowing that your education at an online Christian college will be not only more spiritually fulfilling, but more educationally substantive than in a conventional classroom setting, it seems there is little reason to consider other alternatives. Overall, there are myriad benefits of attending online Christian colleges, not the least of which is the comfort of knowing that while less expensive, your education will likely better prepare you for the workforce than would a conventional classroom setting. Add to this the fact that many online colleges offer multiple enrollment dates to suit individual schedules, and you truly have a recipe for...

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We all want our children to have the best possible education. You probably hear many debates on whether or not public schools provide that education. My name is Jane Flannigan. My husband and I moved our daughter out of the public school system two years ago. It wasn’t because of lack of education she was receiving. She was doing fine academically and seemed to be learning all she needed to know. Our decision was based on morals and the fact that we want our child to live a God-centered life. The fact that her academic life has improved has been an extra bonus. I want to share about the transition from public to the religious school. It was a big change for our daughter who was ten years old at the time. I hope what I share will help you.

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